Book Review: Occupy

Book Author: Noam Chomsky

Late in 2011, the Occupy movement burst to the scene showcasing its anger towards the institutions that caused the 2008 financial crisis and income inequality, among other problems. The financial center and the government were targeted as prime candidates for allowing the shrinking of the middle class and the continuous real wage increases of the 1%. However, there were many individuals still left confused about what the message was behind the Occupy movement and whether it was just a phase. This is a good read to find out.

The book’s five chapters are a series of interviews with Chomsky about the state of affairs in the United States and the future of the Occupy movement. Throughout the book, Chomsky displays a sense of optimism towards the goals of the Occupy movement, but he notes the difficulties that lie ahead.  He gives a brief analysis of the wealth inequality and its beginnings followed by the consequences for the future. There are welcome references to Adam Smith, David Hume and Howard Zinn, backed up with contemporary research from the Pew Research Center.

I encourage everyone to give this book a read as it provides an understanding of Chomsky’s and the Occupy movement’s view on the problems present in the United States.


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