What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast

Morning everyone… From England! Currently in London enjoying the sun, rain, and all sorts of different weather patterns. This is my first shot at creating a more regular posting blog where I hope to discuss economics, philosophy, business and other things that I just find interesting.

I created this in order for people to find interesting things to read in one domain while having breakfast. So, here goes:


Pretty much a hobby for me now.

1. Looking at China:

i) ‘Rule of the Princelings’ – Cheng Li

A fantastic paper writing about China’s immense problems after the 18th Party Congress of the Communist Party of China. People are looking at their leaders with cynicism rather than optimism and Xi Jingping has a lot to deal with. Economic markets are still not doing too well, rising abuse of power by the politicians and the police and many more troubling developments. All this may one day culminate in something more than just angry citizens, but the task at hand is a large one.

Notable quote: ‘the total amount of money used for “maintaining social stability” in 2009 was 514 billion yuan – almost identical to China’s total national defense budget (532 billion yuan) that year. The Chinese government budget for national defense in 2012 was 670.3 billion yuan, while the budget for the police and other public security expenditures was 701.8 billion yuan’ – C. Li (Rule of the Princelings, 45)

ii) China at the Tipping Point: Top Level Reform or Bottom-up Revolution – Cheng Li

A paper again arguing about the problems China faces. Bo Xilai scandals showcasing the immense corruption in the CPC along with the slowdown in growth and widening inequality. That plus the talk of intra-party democracy as a solution to the political problems that persist.

Notable Quote: ‘China’s illegal capital outflow was the world’s highest at US$2.7 trillion.’ – C. Li (Top Level Reform or Bottom-up Revolution, 44)


1. The Vanity of Existence – Schopenhauer

Ever wanted to get that spark for the morning. Well, this article may make you thoughtful about existence and the true value of lfie. Schopenhauer is known for his pessimism. So, read with care.

Video Game Research:

1. Do Violent Games lead to more violence? – Harvard University

One stop shop for papers concerning whether violent video games lead to more violence on the streets, at home or in life. You may have to purchase these papers but, at least you know the titles and can read the abstracts/summaries. Some of them do raise eyebrows.

Need Some Inspiration:

1. How former gangster became CEO. – BBC

Not that you need to be a gangster in the first place to learn the hardships of life, but at least now you know that if you put your mind to it and never give up you should accomplish great things.

2. Be Unreasonable… With Reason of course! – The Happiness Project

If you are detailed oriented and expect things to be perfect then make sure that the people you work with are willing to give you that 110%. Never settle for less. Check the video.

3. Achieve Realignment – G. Labovitz

Last semester G. Labovitz came to gave a guest lecture for my Organizational Behaviour class in Boston University. It was a fantastic lecture and was able to inspire me with his explanation of participative management. Never a disappointment. Check the video in this website.


1. Fastest rollercoaster in the world opens up – BBC

A video of the fastest rollercoaster in world. Watch it as your eat your breakfast… It really isn’t that bad.

I hope you at least enjoyed some of it. Have a fantastic day!!!


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