What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast


1. Did Messi actually evade tax? – Forbes

Many people may be suspicious about Messi’s successful negotiations with the tax authorities. However, he was probably advised by experts and his closest friends to yield and get the case dropped as soon as possible. You don’t want your star player garnering negative press and neither does Adidas want their star client to be under this much scrutiny. Settling would be the eventual best position.

With Spain going through a torrid time at the moment it would likely be a statement to the rest of the tax evaders that no one is exempt from the authorities.

2. Chancellor George Osborne and Byron Burgers – BBC

I found this quite hilarious considering I ate a burger from Byron the same day. But, after the £11.5 billion budget cuts that will have a detrimental impact on standard of living.  So, maybe we could forgive the people their anger after seeing the Chancellor Osborne enjoy his lavish burger?

3. The Alert and Creative Entrepreneur – I. Kirzner

I truly love studying about the entrepreneur and his/her contributions to the economic system. Kirzner is known as an authority on  entrepreneurship theory. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says but it is true about what he says concerning opportunism and alertness being a big key in success for the entrepreneur.

Notable Quote: ‘As a result, the entrepreneur who dominated my 1973 book did not need to be creative at all; he simply had to be alert to price differentials which others had not yet noticed.’ – I. Kirzner (6)


Keeping on the topic of entrepreneurship here are two trailers that showcase a certain use of the skill. Take a look:

1. How to Make Money Selling Drugs

Well, the title says it all. Here is your guide on how you want to make it in a ‘$400 billion industry’. You got people like 50 Cent among others to give you advice on how to make it in what is a lucrative business and live a dangerous life.

On the side though, here is Steven Levitt talking about the similarities between the drug cartel and McDonalds.

2. Jobs

If you are looking at an entrepreneur then you have one in Steve Jobs. The visionary will be portrayed by Aston Kutcher and I think this will actually do quite well.

Always wondered what it is that defines an entrepreneur because there are various economic theories to define an entrepreneur’s duties. Is he good manager, visionary, leader, an opportunist, or someone who is incredibly alert? All these particulars have been posited by economists in trying to understand how entrepreneurs contribute to the economic system.
Safe to say that Steve Jobs had it all?


1. Why is it we can throw particular objects at fast speeds? – BBC

Fascinating piece of information considering how humans adapted to start throwing at high speeds. This allowed for specialization, division of labour and an overall benefit for the people at the time.

Well, off to my exam for today. Wish me luck!

Have a good day everyone.


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