What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast

1. Cantillon speaking about the Business Cycle – Mark Thornton

This is an interesting article about the causes of the business cycle. Mark Thornton from the Mises Institute utilizes Richard Cantillon‘s theory of the business cycle to note how government spending and monetary policies can actually lead to bubbles and crashes.

Basically, Cantillon was the first Austrian theorist. I am not a big fan of the theory as there must be more to the endogeneous risks created in the economy by other institutions. And leading to austerity to liquidate all the bad assets seems to be too risky to contemplate. An interesting paper to read nonetheless.

2. Nobel Prize Robert Fogel – The Economist

This is for the people who missed it, but the Nobel Prize economist Robert Fogel died on June 12th and the age of 86. He was known for his study on slavery and he was also noted on his study of American railways.

If I am not mistaken, there is a class in Boston University where his work is looked at in great detail. Rest in Peace sir.


1. On the edge of the solar system – BBC

The Voyager has nearly made it past the edge of the solar system after 36 years. After it passes the ‘heliosheath depletion region’ the human race will then pass another great milestone. It will open up new window of exploration and opportunity.

If anything, it gives you another opportunity to celebrate… Go to a pub and have a pint for the human race.

2. The new Emir of Qatar – Al Jazeera

Just in case you missed it, the new emir has been given power in Qatar. Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani takes over as Emir of Qatar from his father Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. It has been 18 years under Sheikh Hamad and the article states the unusual transition after just 18 years.

But, it has been noted that Sheikh Tamim is more conservative than his father but it is unlikely that there should be massive reform changes. I do know that some of my friends got a holiday from school because of this.

Everyone will be watching carefully to see what happens.

3. How did they do that? – BBC

This is something we always want to ask after a fantastic performance by a successful magician, escape artist, stunt performance etc:- We may never believe that the rules of the universe were actually altered for a period of time but, we still like to be dazzled and awe- inspired.

Harri Houdini was to be the first star in the magician’s trade. The masses came to watch him escape and perform daring acts. This is a nice video talking about the life of Houdini and magicians.


So, this is another small segment on what’s for breakfast. But, still a few interesting things to think about. I will be travelling and ACTUALLY going to enjoy myself in a few places in England. So, hopefully I can continue this through those days as well.

Have a great day!


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