What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast Morning everyone…. Back in London! I have finished my time in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. It was a great time and I saw quite a bit. What stuck out was the Anfield Stadium (Liverpool), The Beatles Tour and the Old Trafford Stadium (Manchester United).

I do apologize for the delay in posts in the last couple of days. But, here it is… The economic section has a little summary on Liverpool.


1. Facts about Merseyside – Daily Mail (I will post 5 facts here, the rest are on this article).Coat of Arms of Liverpool City Council

i) Liverpool was created in 1207 by King John. It became the ‘second city of the empire’ and was noted to eclipse London for commerce at times.
ii) More artists from Liverpool have more number one singles than from any other location. I mean, let’s be honest… The Beatles!
iii) Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in Britain and the fifth largest in the world.
iv) The Liverpool and Manchester railway was the first passenger-carrying railway in the world.
v) Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England, home to both Liverpool and Everton. It has won 27 League championships, four European Cups, three Uefa Cups, one Cup Winners cup, 11 FA Cups, and six League Cups.

2. Liverpool Economy – Liverpool.gov.uk

i) Liverpool has the second highest proportion of public sector employment among the core cities with 28.8%.

Proportion of Private and Public Sector Employees by Core Cities 2011
ii) This next figure showcases Liverpool’s employment change from 1998-2011. Liverpool has had a steady growth in jobs that ‘peaked in 2008.’

Liverpool Employment Change

iii) Unemployment figures are quite disconcerting, especially youth unemployment. 2012 seemed to be a very tough period for Liverpool.

12 Months JSA Rate September 2011 - Sept. 2012As it stand, by September 2012, the unemployment level was at 6.7%. Youth unemployment seems to be at a very high level and must be raising some concern.

Youth Unemployment (JSA) claiming over 6 monthsThe JSA Youth Unemployment rate, claiming over 6 months, is 37.9%. Very striking and worrying figures for the Mayor Joe Anderson.


1. Can you make yourself happier? – BBC

What makes people happier? It differs from person to person because it is subjective. However, there will be certain objective aspects that may make people happier (on average at least). So, check out the article to see what are some of the actions you can take that could make you more happier. Here is one:

  • People who drink in moderation are happier than people who don’t drink at all.

I try to do this… Tough to balance it all the time.

2. The Innovation Index – MIT Technological Review

Of course the wealthier countries are the ones who have the resources to invest in research. But, you would be surprised by the countries who do not have as many resources but still innovate.

Need some Inspiration?:

1. 20 awesome quotes to get you started on your day – Shane Snow

I love a good quote to get me started or inspired. Such quotes serve as a reminder of what it is I am trying to pursue and how I will reach these goals in the end.
Hopefully some of these quotes will stick out to you and remain an inspiration for years to come.

Hope you all have a good day!


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