What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast


1. [Video] 1929: The Great Crash – Youtube [Created by BBC]

A great video going through the Great Depression and its causes. A 1 hour video that you can watch while eating the first meal of the day. It goes through the ‘roaring twenties’ and how many became increasingly wealthy. But, after the massive bubble burst the effects were a great depression that wiped many people’s wealth and life-savings away.
I thought this was quite an interesting story. I recommend a watching during your long meal.

2. Inequality and Crisis – Kumhof, Ranciere

Check out this watered down version of the causes of the financial crisis. Kumhof and Ranciere state that the cause can be great inequality in wages and this causes more people to take on debt to keep a certain standard of living. Interestingly enough, they parallel this research with the great depression and find similar conclusions.

Check it out! It is a very short read.

In the News:

1. Shake Shack vs. Five Guys – Bloomberg

What is the fastest growing restaurant in the world? What do you like better? Well, it seems that both are doing very well and are opening new chains all over the world. They have both just opened a branch in London, so for the next five weeks whatever exercise I may have done beforehand will go to waste…

Need Some Inspiration:

1. How can money make you happy? – Dunn & Norton [Harvard Business Review]

Many people may argue that money always buys happiness. Not particularly true according to researchers. When a person spends $5 on himself he is likely to be not as happy as if he spent that money on someone else. But, this can be applied to business as well. Google and even an amusement park have used this method to make people use their money to help others.

Important: If you do not have a Harvard Business Review account to read this I would strongly suggest signing up for a free online account where you get to see these blogs, 3-in-depth articles and other stuff every month. I love HBR and I hope you get to love it too.

2. Persistence on your blog! – Tomasz Tunguz

This is for all the bloggers and anyone wishing to start one. I just started this very small ‘What’s for Breakfast’ project because I wanted myself to try something different. It is tough to get great views consistently, but, I believe it takes time. Tomasz talks about the persistence that is required in a blog… He provides reasons for this in what I find to be a very informative article.
Who knows, you may benefit from the compounding effects if you are persistent.


1. Hotdogs! – BBC

I actually found this quite funny because of the commentary. I might try this competition in the future but still the commentary about the symbolism of gorging down fast-food and its connection to America is just… Funny.

2. How to give a killer presentation – Chris Anderson [Harvard Business Review]

I absoloutely enjoyed this essay as I learnt quite a bit from it. There are a lot of good ideas to make your presentation authentic and stand-out. I take this very seriously when I go to speaker events because the delivery tends to be a very important aspect to the whole presentation. It is the difference to whether people find the topic worth listening to or thinking about what they are going to eat after the lecture (unless the topic is life-changing!).

Important: If you are unable to see this article then I would suggest you to get a free account that gives you access to certain number of articles every month.

3. Fastest Internet Connection in the World – Bloomberg

Well, before you click the link do think of a list. I was quite surprised by the rankings and I didn’t even know internet was that fast! It’s amazing how far we have come from the good ol’ days.


I hope you found this interesting. Have a fantastic day!


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