What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast

Morning everyone! I hope everything is going well. Here are a few links to brighten up your morning (or at least something to make you ponder about on your way to work!)


1. ‘Please’ read this… And ‘Thank you’ for doing so – DelanceyPlace

Today we say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when undergoing transactions or just everyday life. We consider these sayings as the basic moral fabric of society. But, how did these conventions become a necessity in our daily lives? Read to find out!
You may wonder why this is in the ‘economics section’ but, it comes from the critically acclaimed book ‘Debt: The First 5000 Years‘ by David Graeber. Among other important things, Graeber writes on how money originated in difference from mainstream wisdom.

2. Abenomics from Becker – The Becker-Posner Blog

Nobel Laureate Gary Becker writes on the use of Abenomics and whether it is required. He also parallels Abenomics with the Fed’s response to the financial crisis (namely QE1, QE2 and QE3). A very short blog post and even Judge Posner has a post concerning the same topic.


1. Smog-eating pavement – LA Times

Pretty amazing what we can come up with. I won’t spoil it by providing a summary for it. Click the link and find out. This is quite an ingenious way of reducing pollution.

2. Stock crisis song! – Youtube

‘And here is the song they sing the whole day long;
Oh! the market’s not so good today,
Your stocks look kind of sick,
In fact they all dropped down a point time the tickers tick;’

This is quite a weird-cheerful-eerie song about the great depression. Give it a shot to brighten up your morning!

Need some Inspiration?:

We are humans first – Dr. David L. Katz

When one studies economics and finance, there seems to be a general disdain of the humanities. History, art, literature, philosophy and other wonderful works that have preceded us are not looked down upon as ‘easy A subjects’. Of course, I do not wish to generalize as there are many students and professionals in economics and finance (and other majors) who appreciate the humanities.

Dr. David Katz writes about the importance of the humanities and I think this is very important especially when pursuing degrees in medicine, economics, finance among others, which people believe rational thought ought to play a powerful role. A quote from Dr. Katz:
‘The humanities matter because they transcend what we choose to do, and highlight what we ineluctably are. We are human, together. We are human first.’

I hope this piqued your interest a little at least… Have a wonderful day!


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