What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast

Morning everyone. I hope you are all enjoying your wonderful weekend! It is quite hot in the UK as I am sure you have all heard or read about the heatwave. Well, as you sip your coffee take a look at some interesting articles that have been cooked up (pun intended…:S)


1. India moving to pre-1991 levels… The rise of MINT – K. Giriprakash [The Hindu Business Line]

The CEO of KPMG’s India’s operations was interviewed for this piece. He tells the interviewer of the problems of the lack of economic reforms. Sadly, the government has been very slow in tackling India’s tough problems.

There are many problems that India is facing at the moment and it will hinder its progress for the future. Hopefully, we will see better reforms in the future, but from past experience it seems that little improvement will take place.

2. A way to tackle carbon emissions – R. Posner [The Becker-Posner Blog]

Let’s be honest people as we sit and eat breakfast we all know that global warming is taking place but Judge Posner has posited a very interesting way to control the problem of carbon emissions. He states that regulation on the amount of carbon emissions may not be as effective as having a tax on it.

There are various amounts of incentives that goes into a ‘carbon tax’ and this could be quite useful in reducing the cost of this plan on the public and reducing pollution. Two birds with one stone?


1. Are you a level 4 listener? – Business Management

This very short piece is taken from a book called Real Influence: Persuade Without Pushing and Gain Without Giving In. and it asks what type of listener you are. Basically, you have to be a level 4 type where you have to listen to educate yourself but also see where the person is coming from. This is very important for leadership but also sustaining friends.

I know a few who never listen because they think they know all the answers… It annoys me and surely angers other people.

2. Birthday statistics – Pew Research

On June 29th the Iphone celebrated its sixth birthday. Yes, you can now reminisce how young you were when the phone made its pretty awesome debut. Initially, Apple has been a strong force in the smartphone market by obliterating any competition.

Nowadays,  Apple is still has a big market share but Android and Windows Phone are trying to carve a market share for themselves. Android has been much successful in this endeavor. In the end, we can grant that Apple’s revolutionary product has changed our lives.

In the News:

1. Shifting FIFA World Cup Dates? – Doha News

The President of FIFA, Sepp Blatter, is set to finally ask Qatar to move the World Cup dates from summer to winter (December). However, this has a number of problems. First and foremost would be the change in specific league schedules that could be going on at that time.

I don’t think moving the World Cup dates will jeopordize the World Cup tournament in anyway however, it is an argument I have seen before.

On the bright side, moving the World Cup could save the players from searing heat that I know too well.

2. Be wary of your password –  Matt Buchanan [The New Yorker]

This is not just another warning list about how passwords are continuously being stolen on the web (a very real problem btw) but it is a stern assertion that the days of using passwords are leaving us.

Well, I hope this was interesting! Have a fantastic day! 😀


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