What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast

Morning everyone. Another exciting installment of ‘What’s for Breakfast?’


1. What has an econ. blog taught you? – Noahpinion

This is a great post about the power of an econ. blog. Personally, I read a lot of blogs and economics websites and they provide some interesting but also terrible arguments.

However, this is a nice example of how blogs can change your mind.

2. The return of heterodox economics? – The Economist

On the topic of blogs this article highlights the importance of them. This is an older piece from The Economist but it is one that I will always remember. The website featured a full article to the three rising schools of economics: Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), Austrian Economics and Market Monetarism. A really interesting article that I always want to share with my friends.

I do want to see more heterodox economics (preferably MMT) taught in universities… Who knows, the day may arrive… :S


1. New car on the block – J. A. Geller [Jacob A. Geller Blog]

Dubai just got new cars for their police department. Yes, according to the country’s very high standards these cars are amazing but what are the incentives to get these fast cars? Well, Jacob posits a few of these questions. Check out this post and Jacob’s great blog!

2. Best business schools in the world! – Business Insider

For MBA it is imperative to go to the best schools in the world because you need the value for your money. However, there are many people today questioning the importance of an MBA degree.

If you are looking for the top tier schools to go to check out these rankings and hopefully you will be able to attend them in the future. I am quite proud that Boston University’s business school is 10th in the rankings!

3. How about a 69 year experiment? – VentureBeat

Have you ever seen a drop of pitch fall? Don’t feel disappointed if you answer ‘no’ because no one really has seen a drop of pitch fall. This experiment was set up during World War II and just recently a drop was videotaped falling into the beaker.

4. Simpsons & Family Guy working together – BBC

Well, I love both these shows. I think I prefer Family Guy over Simpsons but both these shows spark my interest. Both have had a friendly rivalry in the past where each have featured characters from the other show in a few particular areas.

However, a whole show will be dedicated to the Family Guy and Simpsons interacting properly with one another. I wonder if it will garner good ratings?


Anyways, hope you enjoy this! Take care and have a fantastic day 🙂


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