What’s for Breakfast

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast

Morning everyone. Yes, it has been a very long time but I have been quite busy at the moment. Check out the latest links for breakfast!


1. Misreading China – S. Roach [Project Syndicate]

Tension has been rising after people noticed that the China grew at only 7.5% in Q2. Not only that, some are wondering about its high investment and low domestic consumption model that showcases a bubble manifesting. I should also throw in the fact that its shadow banking sector is ever-present fueling a sort-of bubble.

But, have we condemned China too soon? China is trying to move away from its investment growth strategy to a more domestic consumption. Its services sector is increasing and China is trying to rid itself of its shadow banking sector (remember when it did not want to inject liquidity into the banking sector in June?)

China has time… And they look to be changing.

2. Decoding Bernanke – M. Feldstein [Project Syndicate]

Bernanke has had a tough time in trying to control the markets the moment he stated that he is going to taper and the massive bond-buying program maybe seeing its final days. But, that doesn’t mean interest rates are to rise and the markets just don’t seem to understand that at the moment.

Feldstein posits a few reasons to the market reaction that took place. It’s quite a short piece!

In the News:

1. China’s experimentation continues! – The Economist

China has recently announced the complete liberlisation of its lending rates (save for residential mortgages). This is another step towards liberalisation in general. But, this has been tried before where the lending rate was reduced from 90%- to 70% and nothing really happened in terms of lending.

Additionally, the deposit rates are unaffected and will still stay capped. Bankers will be competing more but ‘guaranteed profits’ may still be on the cards.

Patience… I believe deposit rates should be liberalised in the future. But, who knows?


1. Loving the Middle East! – Buzzfeed

I have had the pleasure to live in the Middle East for all my life. I have enjoyed every moment of it and got to witness a wonderful culture on a daily basis. Once you move and pursue your goals there is always a longing to go back to the Middle East and relive the good times with your friends.

Here is a list by Buzzfeed of the most amazing things you get to see and do in the Middle-East. Nostalgia.

2. What do 7 billion people do? – Startup Pirates

Have you  always wondered what 7 billion people do on a daily basis? Well, this picture could answer that. Sadly, the unemployment figure is too high.

Startup Pirates does seem to be quite an interesting organization as they provide a one-week start-up acceleration program. If you want to learn about entrepreneurship then here you go!

What do 7 Billion People do

3. Vacation deprivation – Expedia

This is a 2012 survey but I don’t think the statistics changed that much in one year. Before you click the link do think about which country on average earns the fewest vacation days?

Honestly, before going into the working life I should have made the most of my vacation days. Now, as my final summer in university comes to a close I do wonder about the squandered opportunities to use my long breaks properly.

4. Forget the research for one second, and choose how to start breakfast – Dr. David Katz [Linkedin]

There is plenty of research recently about breakfast and I posted a particular link to Yahoo! News about the importance of breakfast and not overcompensating later in the day.

But, enjoy your breakfast in a healthy fashion. Among other opinions, Dr. Katz suggests that you should eat breakfast with something healthy. Don’t need to worry about all the research all the time… Enjoy breakfast the way you want to!

Need some Inspiration:

1. Being a leader – Angie Hicks [Linkedin]

This related to me quite a bit. I noticed that I can be very demanding of myself and others which can cause problems. What is important is also to nurture and work through it slowly as well. I sometimes have to remind myself that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

Here is a list of the 5 ways to become a leader.

I hope you enjoyed this! Have a good day.


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