What’s for Breakfast?

Morning Newspaper at Breakfast

Hello hello everyone! I have been keeping busy but also scouting everywhere for interesting articles and papers about the world. I also hope that you are all keeping up with the World Cup! It has truly been a surprising event as many of the underdogs are providing a lot of surprises.

This edition is a little late and I was considering changing it to brunch or lunch, but I think this sentence suffices. It must be morning somewhere right?


1. The Awards for Flopping go to… – WSJ [G. Foster]
One thing that consistently ruins the sport for me is the diving/flopping that takes place on the field. It is incredible the number of matches that tend to be decided because of dives. Flopping is not just used to attain penalties, but also to waste of time. Well, here are the rankings for the best floppers in the game!

2. For the Love of Football? – BBC [B. Smith]
It seems that football fever is cast all over the U.S. at the moment. I can say that the only way I knew that the U.S. scored against Portugal was by the loud cheers from a bar across the street. However, there is the issue of diving and the author talks about how it is testing Americans and their flourishing love for the game.


1. DFMGI Crash? – Bloomberg Businessweek
Don’t be alarmed as this was four days ago, however, the index was suffering. It seems to have come back a little as you can see from the daily graph. It is something to be mindful of as Dubai has seen bad times before especially after 2008’s financial crisis. For YTD, it is above 23%.

2. Minimum Wage and Lagarde – Bloomberg (VIDEO)
Christine Lagarde, the Head of the IMF, stated a while back that the U.S. should raise the minimum wage as there are many people who are in the ‘working poor’. It is true that the U.S. has reached an area of high inequality and this is not going to bode well for the masses who are just barely making it on a daily basis.

The question is… Will politicians listen?


1. Melissa McCarthy and Her New Movie – WSJ [B. Fritz]
I am not going to advertise this movie because I haven’t seen it! 😉
However, did you know how Melissa’s newest movie was accepted by American producer, Toby Emmerich, and he didn’t even see the script! Read through this article to learn a little more.

2. Food Truck Fares are getting Expensive! – Entrepreneur [B. McMillan]
I don’t usually eat at food trucks as I can’t be bothered to wait on the street for my food. I would rather make it at home and watch some T.V. or documentary at the same time.
Well, it seems that food truck choices may get pricier as costs increase. It will be interesting to see how much of the costs will be passed onto the price. But, it is definitely something interesting to keep in touch about.


1. Collapse – M. Rupert
I am not one for conspiracy theories or ‘conspiracy facts’ as M. Rupert eloquently puts it. But, this is quite a good documentary about the Hubbert peak, economic troubles among other things. I am not a fan of him going against fiat money as staunchly as he did, nonetheless, he spoke well throughout.

Book to Read:

1. The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills – D. Stuckler, S. Basu

I got this book as a gift and I was grateful for it! I didn’t think the book would be a page turner but the the authors put a face to the statistic. Not only that, Stuckler and Basu show, through rigorous statistical research, how austerity can cause a public health disaster. One of the main points to take out of this book is that all this health crises that take place because of slashing public health is avoidable… The authors would recommend the same thing as Iceland did not so long ago: ‘Just say “No”‘


I wish you all the best ladies and gentlemen! Take care and enjoy the rest of the day. I will be posting many more book reviews and articles soon. 🙂


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